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    If you choose the wrong driving instructor, it can be a very long and expensive experience for you.

    Make sure you find out the price and duration of lesson before starting.

    Does the vehicle have dual peddles and insurances which include public liability? Remember you are driving and if insurance is not in place you will be liable.

    Eclipse Driving School Instructors all have dual peddled controlled cars and comprehensive insurance as well as public liability insurance so no need to worry

    How much training did my instructor receive and who conducted training?

    Eclipse Driving School train all instructors in house and constantly update techniques. Our specialist instructor training team include former Emergency services, Road train operators and trainer plus a 25 year experienced driver trainer whose duties included instructor training and emergency services driver trainer.

    How do I know reviews on webpages are real and not made up?

    Good point, this is why at Eclipse we post all of our successful students on our Facebook Page. The reviews on social media are from real people with real times and dates on them, not reviews from people taken years ago.

    Get some background on the driving school and instructor. Do your homework first, it could save you lots of money and failed test attempts.

    Eclipse Driving School employs only the best experienced instructors who care about road safety and not your money. This is why we offer a money back guarantee on ANY driving lessons you feel we could have done more, not just a first lesson gimmick.

    Look at our facebook page and constant positive reviews Eclipse Instructors receive. Feel free to check every driving school. Remember it’s a big decision for you.

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