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    Congratulations on passing your P.D.A.

    Did you know that 6 months from now will be your most vulnerable time on our roads.

    New P Plate Drivers are up to 40x more likely to be involved in a crash in their first 6 months.

    Eclipse Driving School are now encouraging parents and students alike to have some Perth driving lessons during these 6 months before P PLates.

    These lessons are designed to help you understand:

    • Driver Behaviour.
    • Different Roads and Night Driving.
    • Control of a vehicle and more awareness of other Road users.
    • And so much more.

    Eclipse Driving School are proud to run a Pre Learners Safety Course aimed at reducing the fatality rate in our young drivers. These lessons after passing a simplistic 30 minute test will also help reduce this frightening statistic.

    Also available is a Pre-P Plate course which is 3 hours and best taken a week before your child starts driving on their own without guidance.

    Jessica McGarry reviewed Eclipse Driving School

    “The defensive driving course helped me to build my confidence whilst driving in high traffic and on freeways/highways. The techniques that I learned help me to drive safely and Dave’s tuition helped me to feel relaxed and confident :)”

    Most importantly the Instructors delivering these lessons/courses are specially trained and have real life experience in training Police Drivers, Truck Drivers, Driving instructor and so much more, we have many former Police officers with driving experience from many different countries including Australia. People can tell you about bits of paper they have but you will never beat real experience from people who care about road safety.

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