Pass your driving test first time

How many parents would pass their driving test without any driving lessons tomorrow?

We hope you answered honestly!!!
Not many in our experience would be up to date regarding road rules and ever changing road law.

Eclipse Driving School encourages parent involvement and we want parents to sit on as many lessons as they can. This will help create safe driving habits for our younger drivers whilst hopefully changing maybe a few ” lazy ” habits experienced drivers pick up over time.

Early lessons with Eclipse Driving School will save you money in the long run.

We pride ourselves on having the highest first time pass rate, of course its partially down to our professional driving instructors. Also and just as important, we involve parents in the learning process. Getting early lessons will help guide you as a parent to understand what is required of your child come test day. of course the driving assessment is only the first step into driving, we want to create a life skill so our younger generation do not end up a stat on our roads . New drivers are up to 40x more likely to be involved in a crash in their first 6 months of driving solo.

What does the P.D.A ( practical driving assessment ) consist of ?

The P.D.A consists of 3 separate tests on the day.

Logbook needs to be filled out and signed off correctly

Too many times we see students turn up with bewildered parents not knowing this. END OF TEST MONEY LOST

Car needs to be roadworthy with brake lights, indicators, handbrake in a position where assessor can reach and tyres all legal

Again its a shame when these standards are not met and test is over before it starts. END OF TEST MONEY LOST

Now for the driving test 

Student has received no professional lessons or did a couple just before the test and fails. END OF TEST MONEY AND CONFIDENCE LOST

Learning to drive is an exciting time for youngsters, help us to help you guys, choose Eclipse Driving School, come and sit on lessons and together we can help influence a safer generation for our roads.

To give your child the best start to their driving journey

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