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Are you searching for a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) registered driving school in Perth? If you or someone in your family has a disability and wants to learn to drive and obtain their own driver’s licence, there’s no need to look further than Eclipse Driving School.

We don’t just focus on learner drivers. NDIS participants who have already held a driver’s licence but have been recommended to have an occupational therapy driving assessment and need to take subsequent NDIS driver training can also enrol here at Eclipse Driving School.

Whether you are a learner driver or an experienced driver, you can simply contact our team or communicate with your NDIS Coordinator to get the process started with your NDIS driver training.

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NDIS driving lessons by trained & qualified instructors

Accredited NDIS Provider

Eclipse Driving School is an accredited NDIS driving lessons provider (NDIS #405 003 1244), and it is our goal to provide a positive and rewarding experience for new NDIS drivers.

We conduct NDIS driving lessons all days of the week. All of our NDIS driving instructors have undergone the necessary NDIS driver training. This way, you have our assurance that we can provide safe, professional, quality driving instruction to NDIS participants to support participants with different disabilities and medical conditions including:

  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Asperger’s syndrome
  • Anxiety disorders and/or panic attacks
  • Hearing loss
  • Driver rehabilitation
  • Mobility impairments

Instructors That Are Relaxed & Understanding

All Eclipse Driving School NDIS driving instructors have excellent communication skills, are professionally trained, relaxed and understanding of the plight of individuals who need to undergo proper, methodical driving instruction. This is important to ensure all NDIS participants who successfully finish NDIS driver training at Eclipse Driving School can become responsible, safe, skilful and knowledgeable drivers.

NDIS Instructors for NDIS Drivers

Our qualified and certified NDIS instructors understand your special needs and individual struggles with NDIS driving lessons. So, whichever of our NDIS driving instructors happens to be your teacher, you can expect them to be empathetic and ready to inspire you to achieve your goal.

At Eclipse Driving School, we also have modified vehicles fabricated specifically for NDIS driving lessons. Our vehicle modifications include many electronic safety and control features such as dual controls and spinner knobs that are compliant with the NDIS guidelines. With the help and encouragement of our NDIS driving instructors, you’ll be able to drive with ease and become confident with the road rules in Western Australia.

Important pointers for NDIS participants

To ensure you have a smooth and positive experience with your driving lessons as an NDIS participant at Eclipse Driving School, consider the following tips:


  • Always get a medical clearance from your doctor to drive as there are specific conditions that require a medical certificate from your doctor. This document will state if you are eligible for NDIS driving lessons. However, you don’t need to worry as, during our initial discussion, we will let you know about the requirements for you to have NDIS driving lessons in Perth.


  • Don’t rush out to purchase a car without knowing first what the recommended vehicle modifications are for you to have a functional and safe vehicle. At Eclipse Driving School, we use modified cars with electronic adaptations and specific features that’ll make manoeuvring easier and safer for you. During the initial assessment, we’ll be able to identify the type of assistance that best suits your needs so you don’t end up with a vehicle that’s not right for you.


  • Make sure you have listed learning to drive and getting a driver’s licence as one of your main goals in your NDIS plan. This can reduce possible delays in starting with your driving lessons. You should also mention the appropriate funding requests for access to NDIS-certified driving instructors. Omitting these things in your NDIS plan can lead to delays and frustration. Your NDIS plan manager should be able to assist with this and inform you of the types of funding available to you.

Start Your NDIS Driving Lessons at Eclipse Driving School

At Eclipse Driving School, all our lessons allow for a structured driving instruction experience. Our NDIS driving instructors are trained and qualified to provide lessons to NDIS participants with a wide range of disabilities or medical conditions.

Here, you are assured of receiving the best driving education and support from an establishment with a successful pass rate to ensure you receive the best possible driving experience.

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NDIS Driving Lessons FAQs

What is an Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment?

An Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment is conducted by a registered driver trained occupational therapist and focuses on the effects your disability may have on your ability to commence learning to drive or return to driving This assessment is different to the Department of Transport driver assessment.

Do I need to provide my own modified vehicle?

No, we can provide vehicles that have been fitted with vehicle modifications. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

How do I book an NDIS driving lesson?

To book your NDIS driving lesson, please fill out the booking form on the Eclipse Driving School website.

Is funding available for NDIS driving lessons or vehicle modifications?

Please communicate with your NDIS coordinator or plan manager to find out more about the requirements to access funding.