Professional Truck Driving Lessons

Truck driver training will open up your job prospects!

Holding a truck driving licence is a critical part of many job roles in the West Australian retail and mining sector. Obtaining your truck licence before applying for a job opportunity will be looked on favourably by your potential employer. Don’t wait, book your truck driving course today.

Truck driving school location: B1/174 Barrington Street, Bibra Lake WA 6163.

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Truck Driving Licence Entry Requirements

Each truck driving licence type comes with a different set of requirements you must have completed. For each truck driving class, you must have held a car (C-class) licence and/or an additional class before you start your truck driver training and sit your assessment. If you’re ever unsure about the requirements, contact Eclipse Driving School and we can walk you through the process of obtaining your truck licence in Perth.

HR Truck Driving Licence:

C-class licence for 2+ years; or

LR or MR licence for 1+ years.

HC Truck Driving Licence:

C-class licence for 3+ years; and

MR or HR licence for 1+ years.

MC Truck Driving Licence:

C-class licence for 3+ years; and

HR or HC licence for 1+ years.

Truck Driving Course Prices – 2020

License TypeInformationPrice
HR-A1 Day Course (Approx. 5hr incl. Assessment)
Extra Training: $150/hr
HR-B1 Day Course (Approx. 6hr incl. Assessment)
Extra Training: $150/hr
HC-A1 Day Course (Approx. 6hr & 2hr Assessment)
Extra Training: $150/hr
MC-A1 Day Course (6hr & 2hr Assessment)
Extra Training: $150/hr
Re-AssessmentTruck Driving Licence Re-Assessment
Set Charge: $700.00

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Truck Driving Lessons FAQs

How much do truck driving lessons cost?

The cost of your truck driving lessons or full truck driving course will depend on which class you are practising for. Eclipse Driving School have courses available for HR, HC and MC truck classes. All truck driving lesson prices and the ability to book your lessons are available online.

How do I book a truck driving course?

To book your HR, HC and MC truck lessons, fill out the booking form available on the Eclipse Driving School website. After sending through a enquiry, our friendly team will promptly respond to book in a date and time suitable to your requirements.

How does the truck driving course work?

After booking a time to sit your truck driving lessons and assessment, you’ll be required to visit the course location: B1/174 Barrington Street, Bibra Lake WA 6163. You assessor will guide you through how to operate the truck in your required class.