Our Promise

  • We are the only Driving school who cares about your child before they get on the road.
  • We will be conducting a free pre learners course.
  • We will run this course monthly.
  • We will try to help at least 60 pre learners a month through out all of Perth.
  • We will only employ instructors who want to make a difference for your children and the safety of other road users.
  • We will give you the service and skills of the only Driving School who cares about your child’s safety before they get their “L’s”.
  • We will go above and beyond the standards required to pass an assessment.
  • We will show your children driving is a life skill not a 30 minute test.
  • We will treat and teach your child as though they are our own.
  • Safety before Profit.

This is our promise

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