Your 16, now it’s time to learn to driveYou find a driving school that jumps off google because of promises and pricing.

You learn how to move a car, this is great. You’re shown how to park in maybe the exact place you will for your test. You go over the exact roads over and over because your instructor knows the assessor has used these roads on tests. Its test day, you may pass or fail. If you pass well done. If not your instructor will ask where assessor took you and get you learning that route.

The statistics show that the most risk a driver will ever face behind the wheel is the
first six months on their P’s. This leads us to believe that newly licenced P plate drivers don’t have the required skills or knowledge to stay safe in all the driving situations they will face as a solo driver.

These out dated methods of teaching to pass a test has not worked as the high crash rate clearly indicates.

Food for thought. Your licence will not only allow you to drive on roads you know.You will be able to drive anywhere in Australia and further afield.

  • Pre Learner Education Programmes
  • Structured Lessons
  • Encouragement to book lessons at various times
  • Parent involvement
  • Highly Skilled Instructors with real experience
  • Providing you with the skills and confidence to control your vehicle under any circumstance

The Eclipse way will help you achieve independence on our roads whilst having the skills to be a safe and confident driver for your life time.

  • We are the only Driving school who cares about your child before they get on the road.
  • We will be conducting a free pre learners course.
  • We will run this course monthly.
  • We will try to help at least 60 pre learners a month through out all of Perth.
  • We will only employ instructors who want to make a difference for your children and the safety of other road users.
  • We will give you the service and skills of the only Driving School who cares about your child’s safety before they get their “L’s”.
  • We will go above and beyond the standards required to pass an assessment.
  • We will show your children driving is a life skill not a 30 minute test.
  • We will treat and teach your child as though they are our own.
  • Safety before Profit.

Fill out our booking form and we will be in touch.

How many lessons will I need?

Depending on previous experience and weather you are learning manual or auto it really can vary. Your Eclipse driving instructor will assess your driving and set an achievable goal for you.

Does Eclipse Driving School charge extra for after hours or weekends?

No our prices are fixed so there are no hidden costs to you.

How long is a lesson?

Eclipse Driving School conducts full hour lessons as standard. We do not conduct 45 minute lessons.

Does Eclipse Driving School offer discounts or packages?

Yes please visit prices and packages to find something suitable for your needs.

What happens if I don’t enjoy my lesson or like my instructor?

Eclipse Driving School offers a money back guarantee on any lesson you feel we could have done more for you. On a very rare occasion you want to change instructor for any reason then we will find the most suitable for you.

Does Eclipse driving School offer manual and auto driving lessons?

Yes we do.

What areas of Perth do Eclipse driving school offer driving lessons?

We offer lessons from north of Joondalup to south of Mandurah and everything in between.

Does Eclipse have female driving instructors?

We have many Female manual and Auto instructors covering all suburbs in Perth.

How do I pass my driving test?

Passing your test should be easy as long as you prepare early. Your driver trainer will set a goal date for your test and work towards that date with you. Along the way there will be practice tests and test route preparation. Remember, safe drivers pass. Also note there are 3 phases to your PDA.
Assessor will look scrutinise logbook to make sure it’s filled out correctly and signed. If not filled out correctly, test ends here. Assessor will make sure your vehicle is road legal. If vehicle has faulty indicators, brake lights, tyres not road legal, etc. Any faults found, test ends here. Only when these requirements are met you will start your driving assessment.

Eclipse Driving School are experts on test day, we will make sure everything is done for you. All you need to do, is show the assessor what your Eclipse Driving Instructor has taught you, then you will pass your PDA first time.

Do Eclipse Driving School offer any services after passing driving test?

Yes we offer defensive driving courses which include a Pre P plate course. Also refresher lessons for experienced drivers who want to upgrade their driving skills.

Why do Eclipse Driving School offer a free Pre Learners Course for 15-16 year olds?

Statistics have proven that just teaching a learner to pass a test is not preparing them for driving in the real world. Alarmingly in their first 6 months of driving on their own they are 40 times more likely to be involved in a crash. These statistics are why Eclipse Driving School with The Rotary Club of Mandurah City are pioneering this monthly course. We feel early intervention and educating students is the way to get the alarming statistics down. We have also introduced a School program initiative where we volunteer our time to go into schools and give a safety talk regarding road safety.

What is "The Eclipse Way"

The Eclipse way is our structure for teaching and help the younger generation learn a life skill. The goal for us is to give you freedom and independence. Achieving this goal means we show and help you achieve control over your vehicle, we will help you understand driver behaviour and looking up to be looking and planning at all times. This is why we have so many positive reviews from students and parents alike.

The days of training learners to pass a test as a goal are outdated and statistics prove do not work.

Make a safe choice for your child’s development on our roads.

Eclipse Driving School