Information for Students & Mentors


RYDE Information for Students

Anyone wishing to participate in the RYDE program must first contact their local RYDE provider and register their interest. The Regional Youth Driver Education Program have providers in:

Please be aware the RYDE driver education program is designed to help you get your required 50 hours in your logbook, which will enable you to sit your Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) at one of WA’s Driver and Vehicle Services centres. Volunteer mentors will be with you during these hours. You will still need professional driving lessons to gain the level of standard required to pass your practical driving assessment.

female driving lessons with female driving instructors perth

Once you have been approved for the RYDE driver education program you will need to pass a RYDE Driving Assessment delivered by Eclipse Driving School. The assessment itself is by no means difficult but due to our responsibility to the volunteer mentors and road safety for other road users, you must be able to show a certain level of driving and be able to respond to your mentor.

The driving assessment is priced at $65 which needs to be paid by the student. We have a set assessment sheet which we developed with RYDE, where certain standards need to be met.

On successful completion of the RYDE assessment, Eclipse Driving School will authorise you to start using this fantastic scheme.

RYDE Information for Mentors

Eclipse Driving School are very proud to be the preferred trainers for voluntary mentors on the RYDE driver education program.

Once you have registered your interest with your local RYDE volunteer agency and completed an online induction, you will contact us for training.

What does training involve for Mentors?

You will be taken for a lesson by an experienced driving instructor trainer prior to being approved as a mentor to help develop:

  1. Your driving skills;
  2. Teaching techniques;
  3. Safety for you and your student.

Mentors are encouraged to sit in on any lesson delivered by Eclipse Driving School as an observer to further enhance their skills if they wish – this is free of charge.

Mentors are the most important part of the RYDE driver education program. We want you to enjoy and flourish as you help young drivers who may not have access to a car or indeed funds to complete their full logbook hours.

Need more information? Contact Eclipse Driving School today.