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Teenage girl in car after passing P Plates provisional licence test.

Everything You Need to Know About P Plates in WA

After passing a practical driving test, drivers are given a provisional license and P plates for a period of time. Follow this guide to learn about P plates in WA »

Car attempting to parallel park into parking spot.

Your Guide to Parallel Parking

Learning how to parallel park? Or, are you teaching a learner to reverse parallel park? This parallel parking guide has everything you’ll need to learn or teach.

Man experiencing road rage in car.

What to Do When You Experience Road Rage

We’re committed to helping our students identify and overcome road rage while being able to spot it in others. Learn what to do if you’re a victim of road rage »

Roundabout in Geraldton, Western Australia.

Road Rules: Indicating on a Roundabout

If you’re just learning to drive and want to know how to navigate and indicate at a roundabout in Western Australia, here are a few things you should know »

Car speedometer showing car driving to the speed limit in a school zone.

Speed Limits WA: Definitive Guide for New Drivers

Adhering to speed limits ensures the safety of the driver, other motorists, pedestrians, animals and structures. Follow this guide to speed limits in WA »

Multiple school zones signs at schools in Western Australia.

Understanding the School Zone Signs in Western Australia

When studying for your drivers or learners, don’t forget about school zone rules. We’ve put together a guide to help you understand school zone signs in WA »

A person learning to drive whilst experiencing driving lesson anxiety

Driving Lesson Anxiety: 10 Tips to Help You Overcome Your Fear of Driving

Although learning to drive is exciting, driving lesson anxiety can be triggered by a number of issues. Here are 10 tips to help you overcome driving lesson anxiety »

A man teaching someone to drive.

How to Teach Someone to Drive

Do you have a child wanting to learn how to drive? Or are you about to start teaching a learner driver? Here’s everything you’ll need to know »

Senior woman taking driving assessment for the elderly after lessons.

Driving Assessment for Seniors and Elderly Drivers

Functional driving assessments for the elderly or seniors involves the evaluation of visual, motor, and cognitive abilities. Here’s how to pass first time »

Teenagers sitting the Hazard Perception Test on a computer in Perth, Western Australia.

How to Pass the Hazard Perception Test in WA

The Hazard Perception Test is one of the biggest hurdles you need to overcome to get your provisional licence in Western Australia. Here’s how to practice »

Son learning to drive with father as learner driver supervisor.

Your Rules as a Learner Driver Supervisor in WA

If you’re a parent learner driver supervisor or playing the role of driver supervisor in WA, there are rules you need to abide by, such as no alcohol. Read »

good best first car perth

How To Find A Good First Car

Getting behind the wheel for the first time is an exciting moment in every teenager’s life. To help decide, follow these useful tips to find a good first car.

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