Manual Driving Lessons Perth, Bunbury & Southwest WA

Let’s have a look at the positives for driving a manual vehicle:

  1. Better fuel efficiency
  2. Better job prospects
  3. You can drive automatic vehicles without further tests

Learning to drive a manual vehicle will take a little longer as you’ll need to master 3 peddles rather than only 2 for auto. Our experienced Perth driving instructors will work with you at your pace to ensure you learn the best driving practices and pass your test first time.

New drivers may be worried about manuals due to a fear of stalling. However, with proper training you have nothing to worry about.

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Myths About Manual Driving Lessons and Vehicles


This has nothing to do with nerves, its because we jump off the clutch too quickly. Your eclipse instructor is very experienced and patient and will show you the correct methods for moving a vehicle from a stationary start during your Perth driving lesson. We get many students from other schools who are taught to leave foot on brake and find the (friction point) on the clutch.

Due to the fact the friction point tells my car to move and brake tells it to stop it’s a bit confusing for the car. The correct method for moving away is petrol and friction point at the same time, if you think the car will roll back due to a hill then we use the handbrake which is designed to help us.

Hill Starts

Hill starts with the handbrake is another exercise we will practice. Once ready, we will also teach you how to park and leave a car facing uphill or downhill while ensuring the car is safe before exiting.

Even though emergency braking is not part of the PDA (Practical Driving Assessment), we will show and practice this as we believe it’s a very important skill to learn.

We employ highly trained and experienced instructors with a real passion for teaching and helping you become a safe driver on our roads, your goal is to pass your test, ours is create a safe driver for life.

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Our Covid Precautions

At Eclipse Driving School, the safety of our students and instructors is always our top priority. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented a number of new precautions to help keep everyone safe.

First and foremost, all of our instructors are required to wear masks during lessons if requested by the client. We also regularly disinfect all vehicles between lessons, paying special attention to high-touch areas like steering wheels and door handles. Finally, any instructor who is feeling unwell is required to stay home until they have recovered.

We appreciate the trust our client's place in us, and we will remain committed to doing everything we can to keep them safe.

Parents and Guardians are Welcome

Is your child undergoing driving lessons? Joining in on their lessons can benefit both you and your learner driver.

Observing how the driving instructor teaches the learner, can help you to develop the teaching skills to conduct more productive private lessons with your child. As a passenger, you can develop the skills to effectively provide directions, critique driving and parking techniques, and help reduce your learners driving anxiety.

These teaching skills will become important when your learner wishes to brush up on their driving and parking skills outside of their lessons with Eclipse.

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Lesson Type Price
1 hour lesson$80
1.5 hour lesson$120
2 hour lesson$150
1 hour lesson & PDA$175
2 hour lesson & PDA$245
Test only [only available to clients who have previously had lessons with Eclipse]$95

Driving Lesson Packages

5 Hour Lessons Package

5 x 1 hour Lessons

5% Discount


10 Hour Lessons Package

10 x 1 hour Lessons

7.5% Discount


25 Hour Lessons Package

25 x 1 hour Lessons

10% Discount


50 Hour Log Book Package

50 x 1 hour Lessons

12.5% Discount


$500 deposit to be paid prior to commencing 25 & 50 hour packages.

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Manual Driving Lessons FAQs

Taking manual driving lessons and passing your driving test in a manual vehicle will provide better fuel economy and the ability to drive both manual and automatic vehicles.