Eclipse Practice Driving Tests Test Your Driving Skills Before Your Practical Driving test

At Eclipse Driving School, we offer a full range of driving services to help you earn your driver's license. In addition to providing general driving lessons, we also offer practice driving tests.

The goal of these is to help you feel confident and comfortable with the driving test format, so you go on to pass your practical driving test with flying colours.


What Happens in a Practice Driving Test?

When you take a practice test with one of our instructors, they will do everything they can to ensure you feel confident in sitting your driving test.

We will conduct your practice test in the same suburb you will be sitting your real test, so you can become comfortable navigating and parking in the area.

Furthermore, your driving instructor will conduct your practice test in the same manner as your examiner will conduct your official driving test. This will include directing you through the suburb, asking you to perform different types of parks, and evaluating your overall safety and skill level.

After your practice test, your driving instructor will discuss with you how you performed, and if there are any areas you should focus on before sitting your practical driving assessment (PDA).

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When Should I have a Practice Driving Test?

Most students find it most helpful to take a practice driving test one week before they intend on taking their PDA.

However, you can sit a practice test as many times as you would like until you feel confident enough in your driving skills, and knowledge of the road rules in Western Australia to take your practical test.

This allows students to develop the skills to safely follow directions from a passenger. It will also allow the driving instructor to quickly identify how likely their student is to pass their driving test.

Our Lesson Packages

At Eclipse, we offer multiple driving lesson packages, helping you get your WA driver's licence in no time!

With our lesson and PDA package, we can take you through a mock driving test before your practical driving assessment.

Then for your PDA, you can meet your driving instructor at the Licensing Center and borrow their car for your driver's licence test.

Other Practice Tests:

When it comes to driving, practice makes perfect. To help you through all aspects of obtaining your driver's licence, the WA Department of Transport has provided a range of resources so you can excel.

Learners Theory Test

The WA Learner's Theory Test consists of 30 multiple-choice questions. From these questions, you need to answer 24 out of the 30 correctly to pass the test and become a learner driver.

The WA Department of Transport provides multiple practice road rule quizzes to help test your knowledge before sitting your official theory test.

Hazard Perception Test

The Hazard Perception Test is a computerised test that will assess your response time to hazards found on WA roads.

The WA Department of Transport also provides a Hazard Perception Test simulation which you can use to become familiar with the simulator before sitting your official test.

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To prepare for your driving test, it is important to complete all the required driving hours.

Additionally, lessons with a driving instructor can be very helpful in preparing for the test.

Having someone who can give you feedback on your skills and help you practice the driving manoeuvres you will be asked to perform during the test can be extremely helpful.