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    Congratulations! You’ve decided to become a licensed driving instructor here in Perth.

    There’s something satisfying about teaching new drivers to be responsible. Better drivers are safer – along with making the road safer for everyone they share the road with.

    Becoming a driving instructor at Eclipse Driving School can help you make an even bigger difference to the driving standard on our roads. If you’re interested in receiving a qualified instructors license, speak with Eclipse Driving School about becoming a driving instructor and help influence a new breed of driver in Perth WA.

    It’s a great way to start a career that makes the roads in Western Australia safer. Getting started is easier than you think – just follow the 7 steps below!

    1.   Complete a Police Check

    The first step is to apply for your National Police Certificate (NPC) at an accredited organisation or Australia Post. You must apply no later than three months after receiving the NPC and it must remain valid until the application process is complete.

    This typically takes about ten working days from the time the Australia Post or accredited organisation receives the completed application.

    Along with the application, you must provide two-character references whom you aren’t related to and have known you for one year or longer.

    To become a licensed driving instructor in Western Australia, you must also submit proof of your identity.

    2.   Apply in Person

    To complete the application, download the E175 form and print it out. In addition to the completed E175, you must also submit the previously listed documents and an application fee in person.

    3.   Complete the Theory Assessment

    To become a licensed driving instructor at Eclipse Driving School, you must complete the theory and practical assessments component of the application process. The theory assessment portion might require you to complete several tests (depending on what vehicle class you are planning to teach). These include general driving, motorcycle driving, and heavy vehicle driving instruction theory.

    Some applicants are exempt from the theory and practical assessments if they have a nationally-recognised qualification from a Registered Training Organisation. To be exempt from these requirements, you must have the following nationally-recognised qualifications:

    • Certificate III in Motor Vehicle Driver Instruction
    • Certificate IV in Driving Instruction
    • Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics

    These are the only qualifications that exempt you from taking the theory assessment tests.

    4.   Get a Medical Check-Up

    Once you submit the application, you will receive a medical form. You must take the form to your health professional. The health professional must complete and return the form directly to the Department of Transport on your behalf.

    5.   Wait for the Results

    It typically takes the Department of Transport about ten working days to process your application. Then, they will contact you to schedule a Practical Driving Assessment and, if required, an Instructor’s Practical Test.

    To become a licensed driving instructor, you must pass a higher standard of the practical driving assessment. The instructor’s practical test is also given at a higher standard to assess your abilities as a driving instructor.

    6.   Pay the Licence Fee

    If you pass the tests and the DOT approves your application, you must pay an annual licence fee. The amount of the fee depends on the current rates. Once you pay the fee, the DOT will send your driving instructor’s licence and companion booklet within five working days. Once you receive your licence, you are considered a licensed driving instructor.

    7.   Becoming a Driving Instructor at Eclipse Driving School

    Eclipse is one of the fastest growing driving schools in Perth. Unlike other schools with a simple goal of only having students pass their Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) with what is required, Eclipse employs instructors that help students achieve more by teaching advanced manoeuvres and developing long-term mindsets to good driving.

    Getting your driver instruction licence is just a start. To become one of the best driving instructors in Western Australia with Eclipse, you need some additional abilities. Our drivers have the desire to help develop drivers to understand they are in control of their own safety and the safety of those around them. Instructors at Eclipse Driving School know how to train drivers to be independent and follow The Eclipse Way.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    There is a set of steps required to become a licensed driving instructor in Australia:

    1. Complete a Police Check
    2. Apply in Person
    3. Complete a Theory Assessment
    4. Get a Medical Check-Up
    5. Await Results
    6. Pay Licensing Fee

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