Son learning to drive with father as learner driver supervisor.
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    If you’re a parent learner driver supervisor or just about anyone playing the role of supervising driver in Western Australia, know that there are certain road rules you need to abide by.

    These general supervising driver road rules are discussed in detail below in the form of Q&As. So, if your teenager is learning to drive a vehicle with you supervising them as a learner driver, remember these driver supervisor rules and requirements for stress-free driving lessons.

    Can you drink alcohol while supervising a learner driver?

    The quick and simple answer to this question is no.

    In Western Australia, the learner driver supervisors alcohol limit is 0.00 – meaning zero blood alcohol. This has been the rule since January 2017 after it was found that some supervising drivers – some of whom were mums and dads – were out giving their children driving lessons while under the influence of alcohol.

    Drinking and then supervising a learner driver to drive is not only irresponsible but also goes against common sense. You’re supposed to be setting a good example to your student (or child), and going out for a drive after drinking is not the kind of behaviour they are supposed to be emulating.

    Teach safe driving as a supervising driver and keep to no alcohol while teaching.

    What are some important learner driver supervisor requirements?

    According to the Road Safety Commission, any person in the role of a learner drivers supervisor should hold a current and valid driver’s licence and have substantial driving experience.

    This means the driver’s licence you hold must apply to the class of vehicle you are teaching your student to drive. Moreover, you must have held a relevant driving licence for at least four years which is a good sign that you have adequate driving experience.

    If you are teaching learner drivers to ride a moped, you should be a current valid driver’s licence holder and must have held it for at least two years.

    Also, you need to be aware of the rules that apply to novice drivers or ‘L’ plate learner drivers and ‘P’ provisional licence holders. And, ensure the vehicle you are teaching a learner to drive has ‘L’ plates displayed prominently at all times.

    Can learner drivers or a supervising driver use a mobile phone?

    Another important requirement for learner drivers is to never use a mobile phone while driving. This is something younger drivers commonly get distracted by, so ensure they understand the importance of keeping their hands off mobile devices while operating a car or vehicle.

    While the supervising driver is not legally required not to use a phone, it can create an unnecessary distraction when you should be setting a good example. We recommend never using a cellphone whether driving or supervising a driver.

    Remember that in a learner supervisors role, you are also subject to the same requirements as if you were the one driving the vehicle. Ensure the learner driver you are teaching receives many hours of supervised driving lessons.

    Does your child need to take formal driving lessons?

    While supervising a learner driver to drive a car on your own may seem like an attractive and cost-effective option, it is often very stressful. When you and your student are related, stress can take its toll on both of you and can even strain your relationship.

    To avoid this, you can enrol your child in a professional driving school to learn the basic principles of driving a vehicle, local road rules, general road safety and more so they have the best chance at obtaining their driving licence. Once your child is already well-versed with the inner workings of a car and has good knowledge of the road rules and regulations, you can help them gain experience on the road.

    You can supervise them on short drives around the neighbourhood or longer weekend drives on roads or highways with little traffic before they take the test to receive a drivers licence.

    After gaining more road experience, your child can then have another round of lessons with a professional driving instructor. With the guidance of a learned professional driver, your child will know if they are developing the right driving habits. Their instructor can also evaluate their driving skills within their first driving lesson and see if they are at par with assessment standards.

    You can then continue helping your child prepare for their practical driving assessment and receiving their drivers licence by using available information and resources online. We recommend reviewing these resources to refresh your knowledge of local road rules before you supervise a learner driver.

    Learner Drivers Can Speak to Eclipse Driving School

    Empower your child with the information, knowledge, skills and training necessary to become a responsible and safe driver by speaking with Eclipse Driving School. Ongoing practice before attempting to acquire a vehicle licence will ensure your child drives their car or other vehicle safety and with confidence.

    If you need more information about our practice lessons or anything about our driving school, please contact us today. Or, head to our book now page to book a car driving lesson for your child.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In order to supervise a learner driver in Western Australia you must:

    • Have held a current valid driver’s licence in the class of vehicle you’ll be teaching for a minimum of four years.
    • Display visible L plates on your vehicle at all times whilst the learner driver is in control of the vehicle.
    • Be aware of all road rules for novice drivers.

    A common question is whether or not a learner driver supervisor is allowed to have alcohol in their system while instructing the driver. The answer is no. All learner driver supervisors are subject to the same alcohol and drug provisions as if they were in control of the vehicle.

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