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    Much is said regarding people failing their Driving Test due to nerves or pressure.

    Most common reason for failing has nothing to do with nerves or pressure, its not being prepared correctly. If you can only drive well with someone sitting next to you and helping you during your driving lesson, then really you’re not ready to take an independent test which is marked by someone who will not help you. Assessors are not there to fail you, they are there to judge if you can safely drive on our roads without any help and where you make safe and correct decisions for your safety and other road users.

    Are there specific test routes that Assessors take?

    No, it would be too easy to train someone on a route in parrot fashion to pass a test, you can be taken anywhere on your test and be able to demonstrate control over your vehicle and that you are safe to be allowed to drive unaccompanied. 

    As Professional Driver trainers its our duty to you and every road user to help develop your independent driving skills, whether taking automatic driving lessons or manual driving lessons. Simply put we want to be able to sit next to you and only give directions or ask you to park a car and you can do this unaided.

    Test Day Nerves

    Some helpful hints:

    • If you go for a test and you hope the assessor does not ask you to do say a hill start or reverse park then practice until you achieve everything independently of your instructor/parent,
    • Don’t eat a big meal prior to test as this can make you feel bloated and uncomfortable.
    • Chew some gum.
    • Have your logbook filled out correctly and your learners permit to hand as the assessor will need to check these.
    • Most importantly relax and smile, if you have had the correct help with parents and professional training you will pass, simple.
    • Take your time and do not rush, not only is the assessor checking your driving, he/she is also your passenger, so lets give your passenger a smooth drive.
    • Something I say to every test candidate before their test -” if its clear go”, ” if its not clear, don’t go “, ” if you’re unsure, don’t go”.

    Yes it really is that simple, people try to complicate Driver Training with too many words and silly methods. A professional Driving Instructor is teaching you to drive as they drive because at the end of the process we want you to be at an independent standard of driving to be in control of your safety on our roads when you drive.

    Driving is enjoyable and can open many doors for you regarding social or work opportunities , learn and grow with a Professional Driving School. 

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