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    If your teenager is getting ready to drive, now is the best time to book their first driving lesson.

    A professional trainer can make the process easier, is qualified to teach others, and has the patience and understanding needed to set the foundations of good driving habits.

    While some parents may opt for a lesson or two just before their teen takes their driving test, having professional lessons earlier can ensure teens start with up-to-date information and a positive experience.

    To help your teenager stay safe behind the wheel, here’s why you should consider professional tuition from their first driving session.

    Avoid Teaching Bad Habits

    Some parents may consider it their duty to teach their children to drive. However, while you may consider yourself a good driver you may also have picked up some bad habits over time.

    Keeping a consistent eye on the rear vision mirror, staying within the speed limits and signalling correctly are important to model to your teen, whether taking manual driving lessons or automatic driving lessons.

    Knowing how to explain the subtleties of reverse parallel parking, hook turns and three-point turns, and where they can be legally performed may not be your forte.

    In addition, one recent survey reported young drivers were copying their parent’s mistakes with up to 70% participating in potentially dangerous activities.

    These included eating behind the wheel (47%), sending texts (28%) and answering calls without hands-free devices (27%).

    Fortunately, poor driving habits can be addressed with professional instruction and reminders about not driving tired, using a phone while stopped at lights, speeding, running red lights or driving without a seatbelt, among other bad habits.

    As parents of teenagers know, some advice may carry more weight when it comes from anyone else except them!

    Safer Start for Future Driving

    After years of driving, some parents simply may not have the patience to deal with a learner driver.

    If you want a safe start to your teen’s driving education our driving instructors are accredited to teach critical driving skills. Defensive driving courses are suitable for learner license holders with or without experience.

    Confidence and experience are important for all new drivers. Some teenagers will want lessons to boost their confidence and skills, while others may lose interest after one or two or are too nervous to take their first lesson.

    Our qualified trainers understand these issues and will teach your teenager at a comfortable pace.

    Book a Minimum of 3 Lessons

    Whether the first-time driving is with an instructor or parent, it’s recommended to book a minimum of three professional driving lessons.

    Even after completing the 50 hours required (in WA) to sit the Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) and achieving a probationary licence (Ps), we encourage new drivers to continue with tuition.

    The first six months after getting a licence can be the most vulnerable on the road.

    A minimum of three lessons will help to ensure your teenager remains safe on the roads and continues to practice good driving techniques.

    Benefit from a Free Keys2Drive Lesson

    Keys2Drive is an Australian Government-funded free one hour driving lesson for learner drivers and their parents with an accredited instructor.

    The session introduces a practical approach to learning driving skills with advice on how to practice and what to aim for.

    This benefits both the new driver and their parents. The free lesson is for anyone on their L Plates, together with their parent/supervisor (the supervisor is the fully licensed driver who usually accompanies the learner when they drive).

    Find out more about the Keys 2 Drive free driving lesson at Eclipse.

    For more information about how Eclipse Driving School can help teach your teen to drive, contact us today on (08) 9557 5010.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Learner drivers can help lower the stress before their first lesson by learning what they’re likely to be taught. The common topics and activities covered in the first driving lessons are:

    • Car Introduction – Regardless of whether you or the instructor provides the car, you are likely to be shown around the car and given an explanation of how each part works. You will also be given a rundown of the features of the car from in the driver’s seat.
    • Learning Basics on First Drive – Your first time driving will usually be on a quiet suburban road to avoid large amounts of traffic and give you the space to learn the basics. This first driving session will usually involve teaching just a few basic skills such as starting and stopping the engine, indicating and parking.

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