10 Driving Test Tips – How to Pass Your Test First Time

It’s completely normal to feel nervous on the day of your driving test. You’re put beside a person you’ve likely never met before who will be watching your every move and grading you on your driving capabilities.

While this can somewhat impair your ability to drive to the best of your abilities, there are ways to overcome your test nerves and pass your test first time. Proper preparation is key and by following these 10 driving test tips you’ll have the best chance at acing your driving test.


1. Be Punctual on Test Day

Make sure that you show up early on the day of the driving test. Arriving late is risky as you might miss out on the test or even get to the centre confused due to rushing.

The best way to prepare for your test is to arrive early and relaxed after a good night’s sleep. It’s also recommended to book a final one hour driving lesson before your test with a qualified instructor. This will ease you into driving before the test, relaxing nerves and covering any last-minute tips with your instructor.


2. Look for Last Minute Learning Opportunities

As mentioned above, go for a driving lesson on test day to practice the manoeuvres one more time and ask for any clarifications on driving best practices. Going for a lesson on the day of the test keeps you calm and in the right driving state of mind.

Get in early and take the pre-learners safety course which will teach you the driving skills you need to begin learning on Perth roads.


3. Ensure You Have All Necessary Documents

Failure to turn up with all the necessary documents means that you will not take the test. Ensure that your vehicle is registered, properly equipped, and roadworthy. If you’re unsure whether your vehicle is suitable for the driving test, contact a professional driving school such as Eclipse Driving School and book a vehicle for the test.


4. Ask for Clarification

If you miss or do not understand the instructions properly when taking the test, relax and ask the test examiner to repeat the directions. Failure to follow the instructions can lead to mistakes. Examiners are usually very understanding that you may have misheard or not completely understood their instructions and will repeat clearly when asked.


5. Never Assume That You Have Failed

Do not panic if you make a mistake and conclude that you have failed the test. Keep in mind that the examiner allows a few minor faults during the test. Stay in high spirits and assume that you are going to pass.

For example, if you stall during your test, just gather yourself and restart the car. Let the minor mistake go and concentrate on the rest of the test.


6. Know Your Driving Test Surroundings

If you know where the driving test takes place, take time to know the local Perth area and test routes. Practice on a variety of major and minor roads. It’s always recommended to get at least a few lessons with qualified instructors that know the local area and common test routes.


7. Check Your Mirrors Often

Lack of observation by many learner drivers is usually the main cause of minor faults.

One way to stay in control is to constantly check your mirrors. Do this when you are about to start the vehicle, changing gears, changing road positions or approaching hazards.


8. Experience Driving in Different Weather Conditions

Do not make the mistake of hoping for a sunny day when the time comes to take the test because the weather is unpredictable. Practice driving in different weather.

Get on the road when it is dark and unclear to get the confidence that you need if the weather takes a turn for the worse on test day.


9. Listen to Your Instructor

Your instructor knows your driving skills and will let you know if you are ready or not. The instructor has nothing to gain by encouraging you to take an early test. If you fail, you will waste their time, lower their pass rate and harm your confidence.

Check with your instructor before taking the test and if they say you are ready, go for it.


10. Do Not Rush

Finally, do not rush and only take the test when you are comfortable.

Our skilled instructors know the right time for you to book a test. We will give you everything you need to pass the test with flying colours.


Book your lessons and test today with Eclipse Driving School.