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    If you’ve never driven and now want to learn to drive because of work or some other necessity, or if your child is ready to take lessons, your first order of business would be to find the best West Australian driving school.

    Each driving lesson can be time-consuming and stressful, so finding a good school where your nerves are put at ease is paramount to effective learning. However, different students learn at different paces, too, and this can affect the number of driving lessons required as well as the cost.

    But even if this is the case, one cannot discount the role of the driving school on how quickly and how well a student learns to drive.

    And since there are several driving schools to choose from, here are some essential tips you can apply to find the best west driving school this side of Australia:

    1. Research and read reviews on the best West Australian driving schools

    Nowadays, there are many good sources of reliable information.

    There’s your neighbour from whom you can get referrals or recommendations. You also have friends, family, acquaintances and work contacts to consult in case they know of a reputable driving school in your area.

    Of course, there’s also the internet where you’ll get not only a lot of search results but also reviews from different sources. Make sure you go over comment threads and discussion boards as you research potential driving schools.

    You can also check the social media pages of prospective driving schools. Here, you’re sure to find reviews and honest comments, too.

    2. Check that the WA driving school services the western suburbs

    If you live in the western suburbs or even Perth city, you need to find out first if the school that you are eyeing services your area. This should save you time and money in terms of your daily commute, whether you’ll be taking public transport or driven to the school by a family member or a friend for your driving lessons.

    3. Check the school’s specialisms

    You’ll usually find information on each WA driving school’s area of expertise on their website.

    Some schools specialise in heavy equipment operations, heavy vehicle lessons and even truck lessons. There are also driving schools that specialise in mainstream driving lessons, such as automatic lessons, manual lessons, corporate driver training and defensive driving courses.

    Also, check what kind of driving instructors they have and if they directly advertise that they specialise in teaching older or adult students, nervous learners or teenagers.

    4. Inquire about the school’s average pass rate

    To help determine your chances of passing your driving tests the first time, ask your prospective WA driving school about their average pass rate.

    It should ideally be above 60 per cent.

    However, remember to take this information with a grain of salt since some driving schools may be tempted to exaggerate their pass rate. You can always inquire about this at local driving test centres if you want to make sure you’re getting accurate information, helping you feel confident that you will pass your driving test first time.

    5. Consider the cost of the driving lessons they offer

    Cost is a major consideration in choosing a driving school. However, simply going for one that offers the cheapest rates is also a wrong approach.

    If a driving school is offering super low rates, perhaps it’s because they’ve just recently opened or their drivers are new to the area. Whatever the reason, be wary of offers that seem too good to be true.

    In the end, it’s best to opt for one that has a good reputation and an excellent track record. If they happen to offer lessons at reasonable rates, consider it a major bonus.

    You can always check if they offer discounts or driving lesson packages if, say, you’re taking a certain number of lessons.

    6. Find out about the duration of each WA driving lesson

    Your schedule is another important consideration when choosing a driving school. Some schools offer 1-hour or 2-hour lessons. Make sure you find one that fits your schedule, and observe if each lesson takes up the whole duration of the allocated time because that’s how it should be.

    You should also check if the school is flexible enough for unexpected scenarios, such as personal or work emergencies or sudden illness. As much as possible, go for a driving school that can accommodate such changes or provide make-up classes.

    7. Check the condition of the vehicles used

    Ask about the types of vehicles used for each driving lesson.

    See if these are well-equipped and come with signs or features that make it easy for other drivers to see that the vehicle is being used by a learner. This is especially important if your child is the one enrolling for a driving course.

    While you’re at it, check if the vehicles used have the required insurance and get the details of the licence of the driving school you or your child plan to enrol in.

    8. Ask the right questions

    As you narrow down your potential driving schools, get in touch via a messaging app or give them a call. Make sure you ask the following questions:

    • How long has the school been offering driving courses? You need to understand the experience level of the each of the best west driving schools you’re considering. This will help you in gauging their level of expertise. Check the qualification and experience of your instructor.
    • Will I have a dedicated driving instructor? While it’s preferable to only have one driving instructor for consistency, this might not be possible if, say, they have part-time driving instructors with varying availability.
    • Are you going to use the same vehicle for all the lessons? It would be ideal to use the same vehicle until you finish your driving lessons. You need to find out if this is possible in the school you’re considering.
    • Do you offer defensive driving courses? The best west driving school will offer defensive driving courses, as these can significantly help reduce injury risk and improve driving safety.

    Be the best driver you can be

    Before taking your first lesson, read our step by step driving lesson guide to help improve your driving habits which will help you pass the test first go.

    After you’ve covered the bases, found honest driving instructors and decided on the best west driving school for you, the next thing you should do is to see if you feel at ease with your instructor and their teaching method.

    Make sure to share your expectations and any fears you may have. You should also ask questions and clarify anything that is unclear in every lesson.

    Once you’ve completed the course, you should be confident enough and ready to go to the next stage: take the driving test and finish with flying colours.

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